Another new direction

I’ve been in medical school for almost three months now. It’s time to turn this thing into a proper med school blog.

That means three things. First, from now on, only the posts I’ve written during med school will be visible. Second, I will be attempting to hold to a regular update schedule (TBD, but probably biweekly). And finally, rather than flailing away without explicit goals, I will now be purposely attempting to:

1) Practice my writing.
2) Summarize and analyze the things I’m learning outside of class (through posts like this one). These will mostly be centered around health care improvement, a REALLY broad term which I’m using here to include everything from federal policy (like PPACA) to innovations in delivery on the ground (like PCMHs).
3) Track my personal and professional development (through posts like this one).

Hopefully, having an audience (even if it is just my poor Facebook friends) will be enough to keep me on track with these goals.

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